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Global Professional Services International Group (GPSI Group) is a Cultural Business Consulting firm that leverages international best practices, aimed at helping businesses reach their full potential.

Our Services

Cultural Business Consulting

With over 80 years of combined industry and consulting experience, the team at GPSI works with organisations globally across the various industry sectors. From organisations who want to see business results and grow their business to organisation that may have a unique problem that requires a unique solution, we at GPSI collaboratively work with the organisation to see results.

We at GPSI offer quality business solutions for a select range of services. We aim to be the best at what we do for our clients. By building our expertise and knowledge in a few key areas of focus, the team at GPSI feels that our customised solutions will meet and exceed our client’s expectation. Our ultimate goal is our client’s business success.

GPSI Group Business Consulting

GPSI offers a variety of services but as an organisation wanting to ensure we deliver quality service we focus on clients who have a need for core services. Our core services are: The Supplier Diversity Program Development; Business Health Checks; Enhancement of Governance Models and RAP Assessments. As a supplier of these services we aim to help organisations to be successful in their business growth.

GPSI Group Training and Development

GPSI Group offers customised training in a variety of subject areas. We do have a keen focus on delivering the how to for Developing and Implementing a Supplier Diversity Program. We feel our knowledge and expertise in this subject area provides us with a unique opportunity to deliver this course so that organisations can build a robust Supplier Diversity Program.

The professional team at GPSI Group believes it has what it takes to change the business landscape for our clients. As a cultural business consulting firm, our combination of competencies, skills and business tools overlaid by our global experience provides us a unique insight into assessing business problems. Offering customised business solutions is what we are known for with our clients. Each of our clients wants to stand out in their industry sector and grow their business. We work collaboratively with them so that they attain business growth and success.

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